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Newly engaged and deliriously happy, Mattie and Jeremy look forward to a lifetime of marital bliss in their new home in Sedona, Arizona. But their perfect love disintegrates when Mattie discovers evidence of Jeremy's massive betrayal.

With her heart in pieces, Mattie flees to Mercer Island, Washington intent to start over. Everything was going according to plan - until she meets Cade.

Tattooed engineer by day, lead singer in a rock band at night, Cade has experienced his own brand of pain with the loss of his college sweetheart. As their friendship deepens, it ignites a new flame within Mattie, soothing the constant heartache for her former fiancée.

Just when Mattie thinks she may have found another stab at happiness, Jeremy reenters her life, and with him, all the crushing memories. It's soon clear, though, that the trauma from her past may not be quite what it first seemed. 

Will the truth bring closure and a new beginning - or will it mean the end of both relationships forever?


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